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Do you want to meet people from all over the world of education?

Welcome to Swedish association for distance education (SADE)

What is Sverd?

Swedish Association for Distance Education (SADE) is a professional organization for all those involved in distance learning and flexible learning in Sweden.
With  SADE you will meet people from all over the world of education – from schools and universities, organizations and companies.

By SADE you can build a personal network and establish important contacts.

SADE activities
SADE was founded in 1984, and is designed to broaden the knowledge of and participate in the development of flexible education and distance learning.

We do this in SADE :
• initiate the exchange of experience and cooperation between our
• create open communities by including organizing
conferences and seminars;
• promote international exchanges and cooperation,
• stimulate the development of knowledge in the areas of
distance learning and flexible learning and
• contribute to the development of the area monitored in
governing body.


SverdNytt newsletter and website
As a member of SADE you will get SverdNytt newsletter four times a year. Here you can read articles about distance learning and flexible learning. You get reports from Swedish and international conferences. SverdNytt also gives you the opportunity to raise issues of concern about the teaching, research, etc.
Please also visit our website at www.sverd.se. There are interesting links, an open forum, latest news and a lot of other things. You can also sign up as a member on the website.

SADE organizes or collaborates with other organizations each year on an autumn conference (or a seminar) where we bring up to date and interesting themes that we know involve members, eg in the areas of
• learn roles and distance methods
• Distance-Spanning Technology
• interaction in flexible training
As a member of Sverd you get discounted fee at our conferences.
International contacts
SADE interact with a number of international organizations:

ICDE International Council for Open and Distance Education

EDEN European Distance Education Network

EADL European Association for Distance Learning

SADE’s ambition is to annually organize a field trip to an exciting destination, where it advanced in the field distance learning and flexible learning. Sunderland in England and FernUniversität in Hagen, Germany are two examples of previous destinations.
We welcome you as a member!
Single member: SEK 250
Organizational members: 2 500 SEK
SADE 802011-5872
Bankgiro 5130-6702
SVERDs’s Office, PO Box 3033, 871 03 Harnosand


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