SADE is hosting the kick off Nordplus Project, How seniors learn digital skills in the Nordics and Baltic?

SADE/SVERD is hosting the KICK OFF Thursday and Friday 12-13 May 2022 in Lund, SE. The NORDPLUS Project, where SADE is a partner, on How seniors learn digital skills in the Nordics and Baltic? NPAD-2021/10187:DIGITAL SUPPORT: Guidelines for training the trainers to...

Hyflex learning to improve student success

The word "HyFlex" has been used to describe a learning, but the meaning of the term extends beyond that. HyFlex is an ideology and a strategy to give students expanded educational opportunities writes Jodie Penrod Senior Director, Technology Ohio University, USA The...

A high salary is not enough to attract teachers

(Image from Pixabay) The proportion of qualified teachers in Swedish schools increased slightly during the academic year 2020/21. At the same time, many municipalities find it difficult to recruit. In Vimmerby, no qualified teacher has applied for the 20 positions...

Shaping the new norm: After Covid-19 some challenges in education and change for sustainability

As the Covid-19 pandemic spreads throughout the world, school leaders and educational policy makers struggle with school closures and at the same time, with a fair continuity of learning. This historical event demonstrates the need to orient our education systems...

Seek learning resources for distance education

Seek learning resources for distance education Search here

Open schools are now allowed to conduct distance education

Open schools also now have the opportunity to offer distance and distance education if needed because teachers or students are not present at the school. - We welcome the government's decision to allow more flexible teaching. Today's message will facilitate, for...



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Digital Skills and Jobs Coalition Sweden

The importance of digital competence is becoming increasingly important in Sweden, Europe and globally. As a result, the European Commission has launched a Competence Agenda for Europe where the Digital Skills and Jobs Coalition is one of ten measures. Digital Skills and Jobs Coalition Sweden is the Swedish point of contact within the framework of this initiative. Today, 24 organizations are part of #DigitalSkillsSweden.

SADE (Swedish Association for Distance Education) participates in the work with Digital Skills and Jobs Coalition Sweden. Digital Skills and Jobs Coalition Sweden includes more than 30 organizations in Sweden, which means that we have a broad competence and a broad business area to build on.

The Digital Skills and Jobs Coalition aims to bring together all good forces in the Union to promote digital skills. Each Member State organizes itself in the form of national coalitions where stakeholders who in one way or another work to promote digital competence gather and act together in national coalitions.

A number of activities have already been carried out, including meeting with Minister for Higher Education and Resaerch Matilda Ernkrans on October 2, 2019, where the motto is

“No matter where you live in our country, there should be good opportunities to study further. We will ensure that Sweden’s students get good conditions and a safe study time. We invest in education and research to build a stronger society. “

Read more here on Ebba Ossiannilsson blog

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