Skolverket ska ta fram regler för gruppstorlekar vid fjärrundervisning

Den 1 juli 2021 infördes permanenta bestämmelser som ger skolor större möjligheter att använda fjärrundervisning än tidigare. För att säkerställa att undervisningen ska kunna hålla en hög kvalitet ger regeringen nu Skolverket i uppdrag att meddela föreskrifter om...

A high salary is not enough to attract teachers

(Image from Pixabay) The proportion of qualified teachers in Swedish schools increased slightly during the academic year 2020/21. At the same time, many municipalities find it difficult to recruit. In Vimmerby, no qualified teacher has applied for the 20 positions...

Shaping the new norm: After Covid-19 some challenges in education and change for sustainability

As the Covid-19 pandemic spreads throughout the world, school leaders and educational policy makers struggle with school closures and at the same time, with a fair continuity of learning. This historical event demonstrates the need to orient our education systems...

Seek learning resources for distance education

Seek learning resources for distance education Search here

Open schools are now allowed to conduct distance education

Open schools also now have the opportunity to offer distance and distance education if needed because teachers or students are not present at the school. - We welcome the government's decision to allow more flexible teaching. Today's message will facilitate, for...



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The International Council for Open and Distance Education (ICDE) is the globally leading membership organization that works to:…bringing accessible, quality education to all through online, open and distance learning.

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SADE is a member in ICDE and SADEs  V  President Ebba Ossiannilsson is in the ICDE Executive Committee. Ebba Ossiannilsson is leading and chairing the ICDE OER Advocacy Committee   and she is in the ICDE Ambassador for the global advocacy of OER and she is even in the  ICDE Quality Network, and furthermore she is in the ICDE Quality Review Service

Earlier on SADE co-ordinated the ICDE Operational Network (ICDEON) 2015-2017.

ICDEs members come from all regions of the world. They are change makers who network and collaborate to share their expertise, insight and resources to take on one of the world’s toughest challenges – to include inclusive, flexible and qualitative learning and teaching to everyone in the digital age.

Be involverad in ICDE where you meet passionate members and advocates working towards this common goal.

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