EADTU, European Association of Distance Teaching Universities, The Netherlands, har nu släppt andra utgåvan av The Envisioning Report for Empowering Universities

Rapporten pekar på utvecklingsområden för högre utbildning.


This is a report by the expert pools of the EMPOWER programme established by EADTU to cover the latest trends and developments in new modes of teaching. New modes of teaching and learning create new opportunities for enhancing the quality of the learning experience in on campus programmes, reaching out to new target groups off campus and offering freely accessible courses nationally or worldwide through the internet. They enhance the quality, visibility and reputation of the institution.

The implementation of new modes of teaching and learning requires institutional strategies and frameworks. It cannot be successful without a strong motivation of a professional teaching staff and without a continuous commitment from the top management of a higher education institution. The EMPOWER expert pools are working in all relevant areas for the development of new modes of teaching and learning. For this second edition the expert contributions mainly focus on challenges for universities as:

  • Learning analytics; using data analytics to support students in improving their learning outcomes University challenges; what are the key challenges universities are facing in transition to online and blended education?
  • Blended education; new approaches and experiments in the field of blended education and related pedagogies and assessment methods.
    Student support; supporting prospective and new students through technologies in ODL, digital literacy and the changing role of libraries are addressed.
  • Continuous education/CPD; the entrepreneurial university is highlighted as well as enhancing career practitioners’ competencies in the use of ICT.


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