Open education – global challenges

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Tuesday 5 februari 2013
14.00 – 15.00 (CET) Webinar using Adobe Connect. Read more

Language: English
Free of charge. Registration required!
Registered participants will be informed of the address to the meeting room 1-2 days before the webinar.Open education is moving rapidly into the global spotlight. Organisations such as UNESCO, OECD and now the European Commission are discussing how the use of open educational resources can be further encouraged and forming strategies for how we can move from simply making resources available on the net to developing practices and a culture around open education.

In June 2012 UNESCO drew up the Paris OER Declaration urging member states to develop national strategies for the development of OER. The European Commission is also actively supporting the growth of OER through the present initiative Opening up education.

In this webinar you will meet some of the key international figures in this movement:

  • Dr Rory Mc Greal  (UNESCO OER Chair, Athabasca University, CA)/Dr Rory McGreal, will describe the global development and key factors for the mainstream implementation of OER in higher education. Rory McGreal is is the UNESCO/COL Chair in Open Educational Resources and a professor of Computer Technologies in Education in the Centre for Distance Education at Athabasca University – Canada’s Open University. He is also Director of the Technology Enhanced Knowledge Research Institute. He researches OER and open systems and networks from technological, pedagogical and policy perspectives and how these work on mobile devices for M-learning.
  • Jan Hylén has contributed to several UNESCO and OECD studies and will talk about global developments from a Swedish perspective.

Some questions to consider:

  • How can the use of open educational resources gain broad support in higher education?
  • How can good practice and a culture of openness be promoted?
  • How can Nordic universities cooperate in the development of OER?

Target group: Educational decision makers, teachers, librarians and other interested persons.


Arranged by: Lund university, Linnaeus university, ITHU, .SE, SUNET, nätverket Dela!

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