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Ny LinkedIn grupp i Corona/Covid 19 tider
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Moving HE teaching online – a group for educators everywhere (please share with your networks)

A warm welcome to all our new members who have joined us today! A quick note below about how exactly we are going about curating useful links on our website and content to support educators in moving their teaching online. If you have any suggestions for categories/topics we are not currently covering, or ideas for how we can work together to do more, please comment below or get in touch.

Go to to browse and search the resources that have been crowdsourced and curated through this group so far. Thank you for your recommendations – this is a collective effort and we appreciate you taking the time to pass on the training, webinars, guides and tools you are finding most valuable at this time. Anything posted into this group will be included on the webpage, so please continue to share, and share this group with others.

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